SBAC 11th Grade Practice Math Test ANSWER SHEET

Here is the link to the SBAC 11th Grade Practice Math test ANSWER SHEET.

Here are the answers to our own SBAC Practice Test: 

ANSWER: 55, 65, 75 and 85.

#7 ANSWER: Seven is a tricky question. It says to add “a” point. In plain English this would mean a single point. It fact, you must click on THREE points (-2,3), (0,2) and (2.5, 0)

#8 ANSWER: The key claims you should only check the second and fourth boxes. However, it seems to me that there are values of X that result in an integer solution for all 5 boxes!

#9 ANSWER: The answer is 5. I think this was a very difficult problem.

#11 ANSWER: The answer is negative 4. Another tough problem.

#13 ANSWER: First box: (17 + 2w)(13 + 2w) = 396
Second box: w = 5/2

#14 ANSWER: Since the volume is the cube of the radius, the answer is FALSE.

#15 ANSWER: The key says the answer is 1 to 1.4. In fact, it is 1 centimeter per day.



#20 ANSWER: 2t + 3t = 24

#21 ANSWER: Tina is incorrect because some orders of basic transformations do not produce the same results. Suppose we move triangle A 2 units to the right first. The point (4, 3) is then (6, 3). Then, we take the reflection across the x-axis, which makes that point (6, -3). A reflection of (6, -3) across the y-axis gives us (-6, -3), which is not one of the vertices of triangle A’. Therefore, the basic transformations done in any order do not produce the same result.

#22 ANSWER: 202 to 206


#25 ANSWER: The key says the answer is 8. But the answer is 8 feet.

#26 ANSWER: Key says 3 in first box and -2 in second box. But there are many possible right answers and many possible wrong answers so how can this question even be graded?



#29 ANSWER: B, C, D and F.

Question 19 ANSWER:


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