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Over 62,000 Students Opt Out of the SBAC Math Test in Washington State!
On July 9 2015 Washington State released the total for the number of students who opted out of the unfair SBAC test this spring. The number is shocking. 62,898 students opted out of the SBAC test here in Washington State! In the 11th Grade, more than half of the students refused to take the SBAC test. Of nearly 80,000 11th Graders, only 37,482 or 47% took the test. 53% joined the SBAC Opt Out Protest movement.

Here is the table released by Washington State OSPI.

opt out table

OSPI would like to pretend that only the "confirmed refusals" opted out. But the reality is that many parents refused by keeping their kids home on the days of the test. The real total is the enrollment minus those who took the test. 
opt out total

In the past year, both the Washington State Democratic Party and Washington State Republican Party have passed resolutions by overwhelming margins opposing Common Core and the SBAC test. Tens of thousands of teachers have staged walkouts in more than 60 school districts across Washington state. Now 60,000 parents and their children have opted out of the SBAC test. This is by far the largest testing protest ever in the State of Washington. The parents and students of Washington state have sent a clear message to legislators in Olympia: It is time to end the unfair, invalid and unreliable SBAC test!