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Welcome to the Coalition to Protect our Public Schools!
Billionaires are waging a war of lies in an attempt to destroy our public schools

Billionaires are after $800 billion we spend annually on public schools for 50 million children in the US...
Billionaires use weapons of mass deception to brand every public school in America as a failure
High Stakes Tests are Designed to Fail as many students as possible in order to turn the public against public schools
Common Core Corrupt Standards (CCCS) are not as good as our Previous Educational Achievement Research-based Learning Standards (PEARLS)
Charter School Fraud Factories divert Billions of Dollars away from public schools and into the pockets of Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers
Fake Online Schools are Bloodsucking Parasites that severely harm millions of children

Teach For Awhile (TFA) is an attack by the billionaires against our real teachers!
Fake Grassroots like Stand for Billionaires use lies to manipulate the public
Real Education Reform would restore school funding and lower class sizes so struggling students could get the help they need!
Join the Fight!  Join our Coalition to Protect our Public Schools!