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We are two community college instructors who care deeply about all students getting a good education. Both of us have Master's Degrees in Education and have taught at community colleges in Washington State for more than 20 years. 

David was a 7th Grade Math teacher and has a Major in Science Education. His Master's Degree was in Child Development. He has spent years studying how chronic stress, such as from high stakes tests, can severely harm a child's ability to learn. David is the Director of College in the Clouds, an online non-profit educational program. David also teaches courses in Website Design. See Collegeintheclouds.org for more information about these programs. 

Elizabeth has taught English as a Second Language since 1985. Earlier in her career, Elizabeth was a GED instructor. Some of her friends are GED instructors. They alerted us to the harmful changes in the 2014 GED.

We therefore decided someone needed to do something to offer struggling students a fairer chance at a better future. We hope you will join us in working to restore school funding, restore GED fairness and end Common Core, High Stakes testing in Washington State and across the US.